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نرم افزار شبیه سازی و طراحی در مهندسی شیمی Aspen Plus

نرم افزار Aspen Plus یکی از محصولات این شرکت است که بخش عمده ای از نیازهای مهندسین شیمی و مهندسین مکانیک را برآورده می نماید.

نرم افزار Aspen Plus قدرتمندترین نرم افزار در زمینه طراحی و شبیه سازی واحدهای فرایندی، نیروگاهی و مخازن طبیعی نفت و گاز می باشد.

نقطه قوت این نرم افزار نسبت به سایر نرم افزارها بانک اطلاعاتی واقعاً قوی این نرم افزار راجع به جامدات، مایعات و گازها است.

از مهم ترین مزیت های این نرم افزار قابلیت شبیه سازی سیستم های پلیمری می باشد. علاوه بر آن، امکان طراحی دقیق و مکانیکی تجهیزات فرآیندی، نظیر تجهیزات تبادل حرارتی، برج ها و … در نرم افزار، آن را به عنوان یکی از نرم افزارهای جامع در زمینه مهندسی شیمی مطرح می نماید.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Aspen Plus:


1- بر روی Setup.exe در پوشه Setup کلیک کنید تا عملیات نصب آغاز شود.

2- در صفحه ظاهر شده گزینه Aspen Engineering Suite را انتخاب کرده و به نصب ادامه دهید.

3- در صفحه Software Selection Availability گزینه All Prouduct را انتخاب کرده و کلیک Next yes و Standard Install را زده و به نصب ادامه دهید.

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4- در حین نصب یک فایل iso از پوشه ASPEN CD2 توسط نرم افزار UltraISO ایجاد کنید. ( UltraISO را روی سیستم خود نصب کنید --> روی پوشه ASPEN CD2 راست کلیک کنید --> گزینه UltraISO و سپس Add to ASPEN CD2.iso را انتخاب نمایید تا فایل iso از پوشه ساخته شود.)

5- فایل ASPEN CD2.iso ایجاد شده را توسط یکی از نرم افزار های UltraISO یا DAEMON Tools Lite بر روی سی دی و یا دی وی دی درایو Mount کنید.

6- در اواسط نصب با پیغام Setup Needs the next Disk مواجه می شوید، کلید browse را زده و آدرس سی دی و یا دی وی دی درایو خود که فایل iso را روی آن Mount کرده اید را انتخاب کنید و کلید ok را بزنید.

7- در انتهای نصب سیستم را Restart نکنید.

8- به ترتیب زیر عمل کنید:

Start Menu --> Programs --> AspenTech --> Common Utilities --> FLEXlm License Management Selector


9- در پنجره باز شده در قسمت License File گزینه Select Aspen License file to get a license را انتخاب کرده و کلید Browse را زده و از پوشه License فایل lic.dat را انتخاب کرده و در نهایت کلید ok را بزنید.

10- نرم افزار را در فایروال بلاک کنید.

11- سیستم را Restart کنید.

توجه : در مراحل نصب ممکن است با خطاها و پیام هایی روبرو شوید که همه را ok کنید.

Aspen Plus is a market-leading process modeling environment for conceptual design, optimization, and performance monitoring for the chemical, polymer, specialty chemical, metals and minerals, and coal power industries. Now, Aspen Plus is even easier to use with a completely redesigned user interface, enabling customers to design new processes, deliver new products to market and optimize production faster than ever before. Aspen Plus is a core element of AspenTech’s aspenONE® Engineering applications.

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Enhanced user interface combining the proven capabilities of Aspen Plus with greater ease of use to help beginners, current and expert users become productive faster
- An easy-to-use interface leverages a Microsoft® look and feel for a rich and engaging user experience
- Distinct environments for configuring physical properties, and for building and running models enhances user productivity
- Workflow-specific and task-based ribbons provide easy navigation, enabling faster solutions to design and operations problems
- Streamlined, highly interactive and efficient workflows for conceptual design to model deployment to optimize performance
- A customizable multi-panel workspace with support for two monitors
- Streamlined plotting and analysis tools provide rapid access to data and results with visualization for easy understanding
- Quick access toolbar, continuous zoom and much more

Best-in-class physical properties methods and data. Aspen Plus includes the world’s largest database of pure component and phase equilibrium data for conventional chemicals, electrolytes, solids, and polymers — Aspen Properties®. Access more than 4 million experimental data points for over 24,000 pure components and 30,000 binary systems. Regularly updated data from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ensures easy access to the best available experimental property data, enabling process engineers to save months of effort when developing chemical process models.

Aspen Properties Mobile provides access to rigorous physical property calculations and data when and where you need it - at a customer site, at a plant, in a conference room, from home, on the road - anywhere you can remotely access your corporate network.
Improved conceptual design workflow. Aspen Plus is integrated with AspenTech’s industry-leading sizing and cost analysis software and heat exchanger design software to streamline the overall design and analysis workflow. Process engineers can rapidly estimate the relative costs of proposed designs and make decisions based on capital and operating cost estimates using proven cost modeling technology. Key equipment such as heat exchangers and distillation columns can be rigorously sized or rated from within the simulation environment for optimal performance. This convenient integration eliminates costly manual iterations and promotes more optimal designs based on rigorous cost estimates.

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Scalability for large and complex processes. Aspen Plus unique Equation Oriented (EO) modeling capability and hierarchical flow sheeting lets you simulate even the most large scale and complex processes; even highly integrated processes with multiple recycles. Customers can build models spanning entire sites to find the globally optimal operating conditions, including Real Time Optimization (RTO) applications.

State of the art column internals calculations for flooding and pressure drop. Aspen Plus includes a library of more than 300 types of packing and 5 different tray types with parameters fitted for calculation of tray internals.

Aspen Plus provides users with rate-based distillation technology which enables distillation calculations while accounting for rigorous mass transfer on trays or on packings. This technology has been used to accurately model rate-limited processes such as amines-based carbon capture and other separations.

Greenhouse gas emissions report of carbon equivalents generated in the process or by consumption of process utilities. Annual carbon tax can also be calculated.

Aspen Plus also enables users to model batch distillation and reactors in a rigorous manner.
Additionally, Aspen Plus enables users to identify azeotropes and residue curves which can help in the design and synthesis of non-ideal distillation columns.

Aspen Plus also provides a complete set of polymer thermodynamics methods and data, rate-based polymerization reaction models, and a library of industrial process models.
Online deployment of models as part of an open-loop operator advisory system or in closed-loop, real-time optimization/advanced process control applications when used with Aspen Online Deployment™ and Aspen Simulation Workbook™.

نرم افزار متخصصین علوم شیمی محاسباتی Gaussian 09W v7.0 + GaussView v5.08 + Nanotube Modeler v1.6.4

Workflow automation. Aspen Plus models can be linked to Microsoft Excel® using Aspen Simulation Workbook or Visual Basic® and used to automate the engineering workflow and deploy the model to a wider range of end users in the field.

Aspen Plus Dynamics® is used for safety and controllability studies, sizing relief valves, optimizing transition, startup, and shutdown policies.

Links to third-party tools. Aspen Plus includes links to several well-known tools including the OLI’s electrolyte package and Technip’s SPYRO ethylene cracker models.


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