نرم افزار مستندسازی فعالیت های آزمایشگاه شیمی Espresso ELN v7.3.2.0

نرم افزار electronic lab notebook (به اختصار ELN) نرم افزارهایی هستند که با هدف جایگزین کردن سیستم های کامپیوتری به جای دفترچه های آزمایشگاهی کاغذی، ایجاد شدند.

دفترچه های آزمایشگاهی معمولاً توسط دانشمندان، محققین، مهندسین و تکنسین های آزمایشگاه ها برای مستندسازی تحقیقات، روند آزمایشات و تجربیات مورد استفاده قرار می گیرند.

نرم افزار Espresso ELN به تمام ویژگی های مورد نیاز یک ELN مجهز شده است تا برای آزمایشگاه ها و افراد فعال در پروژه های مرتبط با شیمی پپتید (peptide chemistry)، شیمی آلی (organic)، شیمی آلی فلزی (Organometallic Chemistry)، شیمی پلیمر (polymer chemistry) قابل استفاده باشد.

این نرم افزار دارای ویژگی هایی مانند ویرایشگر پروتکل قدرتمند، تشخیص بافت مصنوعی، جستجوی زیر ساختارها و به اشتراک گذاری داده های اختیاری و پشتیبان گیری از طریق سرور می باشد. رابط کاربری کاملاً قابل فهم این نرم افزار به همراه قابلیت های پیشرفته ای که ارائه می دهد باعث شده است تا برای برآوردن تمام نیازهای تیم های تحقیقاتی-آزمایشگاهی از دانشگاه ها و شرکت های کوچک گرفته تا تیم های بزرگ داروسازی، مناسب باشد.

قابلیت های کلیدی نرم افزار Espresso ELN:

  • ویرایشگر قدرتمند ترکیبات شیمی
  • پشتیبانی از Undo/Redo
  • تهیه خروجی به صورت PDF
  • به اشتراک گذاری روند کاری با دیگر همکاران
  • جستجوی زیر ساختارها
  • انجام امور با سرور لوکال و بدون نیاز اتصال مداوم به سرور
  • امضای دیجیتال اسناد
  • آرشیو کردن اسناد آزمایشگاهی
  • پشتیبانی از اسناد و داده های مربوط به شیمی پپتید، شیمی آلی، شیمی آلی فلزی، شیمی پلیمر
  • پشتیبانی از فرمت فایل MDL V3000
  • بکاپ گیری از اسناد پروژه های شیمی


Espresso ELN is a fully featured electronic lab notebook (ELN) suited for organic, organometallic, polymer and peptide chemistry, featuring a strong protocol editor, detection of synthetic context, substructure searches and optional data sharing and backup via server. It combines simple and intuitive handling with state of the art and beyond interface and functionality and is suited for all needs, ranging from universities and small companies to big pharma teams.
The installation of the client usually is performed in less than a minute, also the optional server database can be set up rather easily.

نرم افزار محاسبه و ساخت محلول های بافر Buffer Maker

Focus On Protocol
Espresso ELN strategically focuses on the experiment protocol – after all, a lab notebook primarily exists for protocoling experiments. Its highly functionalized protocol editor features text processor grade capabilities combined with chemical awareness and content recognition. The editor features multi-step Undo/Redo capabilities, functionalized protocol elements, embeds images and any kind of documents, allows grouping of elements to indicate mixtures, prints WYSIWYG, and can efficiently be exported to PDF – including bookmarked embedded documents.

Synthetic Context
An experiment may share a common conversion with other experiments; this step may be part a synthetic step sequence, and finally the step sequence may be connected to other sequences – think about alternative approaches towards a common target, or the synthesis of various targets starting from a common building block. Espresso ELN visualizes such contexts automatically and in an intuitive manner by creating synthesis schemes on the fly. These auto-generated schemes allow you to drill down to single experiments and are also great for presentations.

Substructure Searches
Reaction substructure searches (RSS) are a highly powerful tool for chemists for finding similar structures and conversions. The queries are powered by a client-integrated, ChemBytes proprietary query engine, no server required. The returned results are conveniently grouped by identical reaction, and within each group further sorted either by yield or by scale. In addition to chemical drawing based RSS-searches, Espresso ELN also supports the efficient text-based SMARTS query format.

Espresso ELN was built from ground up to work in a server-independent manner. Since it always first interacts with a local database, even if a server optionally is attached, it features a remarkable responsiveness. When connected to a server, the local database synchronizes through a background process with the server database whenever it is available, and collects changes when it is not.

Intellectual Property
Your intellectual property is valuable. That’s why Espresso ELN lets you sign your experiments with a digital signature when finalized. A digital signature is well accepted by authorities and provides a much stronger protection than a handwritten one, since it allows to digitally detect any changes to the content after applying it. Experiments containing unauthorized changes after signature are labeled as invalid.

دانلود نرم افزار شبیه سازی ساختار مولکولی شیمی با CrystalMaker v2.5.1

Long Term Archival
All project experiments can be saved into one single, contiguous PDF document. The contained experiments are sorted and bookmarked by experiment-ID, embedded documents are referenced as experiment sub-bookmarks. As every PDF document, such archives can be viewed and searched on almost any platform and device, including tablets and smart phones. In contrast to the archival into one PDF per experiment, this approach requires significantly less overhead to locate a specific experiment.

When optionally connecting to the free Espresso ELN server database, you immediately take part in an in-house reaction database, where you can find conversions already done by performing an organization-wide reaction substructure search. Or browse complete projects to obtain a contextual overview. And you can copy any found experiment as a starting point for your own experiment.

Backing up your work is essential. Your data could be lost after hardware failure or after migration to a new machine. Espresso ELN offers two ways to do this automatically: It either periodically synchronizes to a backup file in a safe location, or to the server database (if optionally connected). Experiments also are auto-saved periodically to the local database.

Slim Infrastructure
Great functionality does not necessarily mean a complex and difficult to maintain infrastructure. The self-contained client is installed in less than a minute. The optional Espresso ELN server infrastructure is lean and straightforward, the required database administrator support is minimal. Users even can restore their own local databases directly from their clients.

– Highly functionalized experiment protocol editor.
– Responsive user interface.
– Integrated chemical drawing editor.
– Supports organic, organometallic, polymer, peptide and resin-bound chemistry.
– Built-in reaction substructure searches (RSS).
– IP-protection via digital signatures, providing proof of integrity and authenticity.
– Single document PDF archive of a range of project experiments.
– Automatic data synchronization to backup file or server database.
– In-house reaction database when synchronizing to server.
– WYSIWYG printing of experiments.
– Dashboard functionality, for immediate information about the current state of your work.
– Easy installation and testing (no server required for full ELN functionality).

نرم افزار تیتراسیون Acid Base Lab

Protocol Editor
– Self-learning materials database.
– Multilevel Undo/Redo functionality.
– Experiment cloning (full or partial) for repeating similar experiments.
– Automatic stoichiometric calculations.
– Copy/Paste of protocol elements, within or across experiments.
– Visual material grouping to indicate a solution or mixture.
– Embedding of documents and images at any location within the protocol.
– Workflow sections (reaction, work-up, purification, …)
– Switch layout from amounts first (lab view) to equivalents first (design view).
– Change the scale of an experiment, e.g. after cloning.
– Smoothly zoom into reaction sketch and embedded images for details.
– Zooms into error location.

Integrated Chemical Drawing Editor
– Supports organic, organometallic, polymer, peptide and resin-bound chemistry.
– Copy/paste and file exchange support with third party chemical drawing tools.
– Supports MDL V3000 file format.

– Exchange experiments with other users via import/export files.
– Export experiments to PDF. Embedded documents are appended and bookmarked.
– Imports and pastes most ISIS/Symyx/Accelery Draw and ChemDraw sketches.

Auto-Generated Experiment Metadata
– Live summary of all materials required to run an experiment, grouped by name & supplier.
– Auto-updating temperature/time graphs (condition sequences).

Advanced Functionality
– Live reaction sequence analysis, displaying synthesis schemes of all current reaction sequences of a project. Each reaction arrow provides access to the underlying experiments.
– Reaction substructure searches – either locally, or organization-wide if utilizing the server database option.
– RSC ChemSpider link for each reaction sketch component (access to physical data, patents, spectra, etc.).
– Instantly search your reaction database for the reaction sketch of the current experiment, or get a summary of all project experiments containing it – by the click of a button.
– Detailed tables of contents, grouped by reaction and sorted by synthesis sequence. Experiments can be sorted by date, yield or scale.

Server Functionality
– Global searches across the organization, resulting in an invaluable in-house reaction database, preventing duplication of work and effort.
– Storage and backup of all team data in a central location.
– In case a user’s local experiment database is lost, e.g. due to a hardware failure, it can be recreated from the server. This can be performed from client-side (no admin required).
– No need to modify the clients for server connection – all required functionality already is built-in.

طراحی و بهینه سازی و تحلیل آزمایش با نرم افزار Design Expert

– Exports a selectable range of project experiments, including their embedded documents, into a single PDF document. This PDF is sorted and bookmarked by experiment-ID, and can be stored, viewed and searched on virtually any platform, including smartphones and tablets.


راهنمای نصب

1- نرم افزار را نصب کنید.
2- محتویات پوشه Cracked file را در محل نصب نرم افزار* کپی و جایگزین فایل (های) قبلی کنید.
3- نرم افزار را اجرا کنید.

* محل نصب نرم افزار: پوشه محل نصب معمولاً در درایو ویندوز و داخل پوشه Program Files قرار دارد. همچنین با این روش می توانید محل نصب را پیدا کنید:
– در ویندوز XP: بعد از نصب، روی Shortcut نرم افزار در منوی Start کلیک راست کرده و روی گزینه Properties و سپس روی گزینه Find Target کلیک کنید.
– در ویندوز 7: بعد از نصب، روی Shortcut نرم افزار در منوی Start کلیک راست کرده و روی گزینه Open file location کلیک کنید.
– در ویندوز 8: بعد از نصب، روی Shortcut نرم افزار در صفحه Start Screen کلیک راست کرده و روی گزینه Open file location کلیک کنید، در پنجره ایی که باز می شود مجدداً روی Shortcut نرم افزار کلیک راست کنید و روی گزینه Open file location کلیک کنید.
– در ویندوز 10: بعد از نصب، روی Shortcut نرم افزار در منوی Start کلیک راست کرده و روی گزینه Open file location کلیک کنید، در پنجره ایی که باز می شود مجدداً روی Shortcut نرم افزار کلیک راست کنید و روی گزینه Open file location کلیک کنید.


لینک دانلود نرم افزار مستندسازی فعالیت های آزمایشگاه شیمی Espresso ELN v7.3.2.0

حجم فایل: 22.1 مگابایت

شرکت سازنده: ChemBytes

پسورد: www.chemgroup.ir

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